Jcomcms it's a open source Java Spring Ecommerce CMS to create a ecommerce website and not only.




Easy to install

Install in few clicks, it will not take long than 5 minute.



Half of information is kept in json format, this allow to avoid an additions tables with couple of thousand of rows and big Join Query.



Java is considered to be safer, and to have more tools for empowering security.


Suport multy languages

You can control the languages or edit the translate direct from admin panel, no need any redactor or open file or recompile the cms each time you need to add the translate.


Well designed

JcomCMS support Themes, Shortcodes, Helpers. From view Helper you can get data from databas. The UI is separated from jar and you won't need to recompile the cms if you make any chages in UI. For UI we use FreeMarker Java Template Engine


Multiple Databases

The CMS support MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle DBA, PostgreSQL


Well coded

The CMS keep the same structure as framework Model View Controller, to do changes will be enough knowledge of any MVC framework, even knowledge of any php frmework like Laravel Or Codeigniter.


Well documented

We use une of the most popular Java framework, Spring what is consider one of the best documented framework. Also you can check our documentations here.


Easy and Accessible

The Admin Panel it's well designed, this will minimize the time for training your employes.


If you care of your customer data and for your website security it's best to use java as language for your project.
The diference between Java and PHP is:


It is a compiled language and works as follows: the source code is converted into binary language, that's mean after each changing the code should be re-compiled. Java is considered to be safer and to have more tools for empowering security and it is mainly preferred for higher-level apps.


It is a executed in real time thats mean if someone got access to your website and can add a bad code in some file and you even didn't know. The code is in some file for example a code what collect the customer card data or redirect the customer to diference source or infect your website with some virus and people visiting your website got the virus.

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